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At Ambulance Services 24 we deliver a large variety of medical services to individuals and businesses, which are designed to be cost effective and adhere to all current guidelines and criteria at all times.

Ambulance Services 24 is run by a team of highly experienced managers who will assist you in all stages of planning from risk assessment, to deployment, we can provide cover for any type and size of event, anywhere within the UK or International.

Over the last 4 years we have accumulated expertise in many different types of events including, School Sports, equestrian, music/concerts, motorsport, football and running events along with a wide range of corporate events and parties.

As a company that focuses on providing the best for each client we boast the latest, most up to date equipment for setting up both indoor and outdoor first aid stations. We also have access to a vast range of medical vehicles, ranging from Rapid Response vehicles, Ambulances and stretcher bearing 4X4’s/ATVs.

Ambulance services 24

Affordable, professional CQC registered private event medical cover providers

We comprise of a team that includes of Doctors/GP’s, Paramedics and fully qualified medical responders who are highly qualified and excel in their respective fields.

“Leo Burdock and his team have delivered an excellent service throughout the year. The company are professional, reliable and adaptable. They have been able to provide cover at very short notice for both sports fixtures and in the Health Centre. Pupils and players have received the appropriate care by well-qualified practitioners.”

Susan Newing

St. Johns School, Leatherhead

Happy Clients

Bringing security and peace of mind is our mission.

Leo and his team were absolutely exceptional and dealt professionally and efficiently with all issues, however particularly a severe head injury, which as a consequence involved a young participant having a fit and becoming unconscious. I am happy to admit that faced with this scenario I was shocked and unsure of what to do, however the team reacted brilliantly, caring for the patient and stabilising him before moving him to the local A+E. Happily the participant made a full recovery and had no lasting damage, which was in no small part due to the excellent care the team provided.

John Percy

LVS Ascot School & Sixth Form Collage, Berkshire

Private Events, Sports, Schools, Film sets, your event, we’ll cover it.

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